Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Candy, Yummy

Do you like licorice? I love it even if it does make my teeth black. Not so crazy about the heavy, imported stuff but love licorice jelly bellies, licorice Brach jelly eggs, black Twizzlers and hard to find Black Crows. These are my all time Easter favorites.

Next come the chocolates. I realize that people sing the praises of dark imported chocolates, but I was raised not too far from Hersey, PA and milk chocolate kisses are the best!!!! or as they do for Easter, the milk chocolate eggs. Second favorite are the Lindor milk choclate balls, the ones wrapped in red. When we first moved to Geneva, CH, we lived in a hotel. Every night there was one of these on each pillow. What a treat!!! Third, a marshmallow bunny covered in dark chocolate. My excveption to the milk vs dark. Here the sweet of the marshmallow is offset by the more bitter chocolate.

The last to go from my basket are the peeps. Does anyone eat those? Cute pic on facebook last night of a yard that had been peeped. Front lawn strewn with different colored peeps. Now that is a cute use of peeps! The other left-over is gum drops. In fact, now that I think about it, I hardly see them anymore. Are they extinct?

What is in your Easter basket? What do you eat first? What ends up being thrown out?

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