Thursday, April 5, 2012

Projects I Would Love to Do

Recently I have several inquiries that sound like they would be fun.

First, a qestion about flower girls dresses. Wouldn't that be cute? Using colors of wedding. Lots of flowers in fabrics. Longish - mid calf to ankle lengrh. extra long ribbon sashes. I can picture them. Haven't heard back from inquirer. She can probably find cute alternatives closer to her home, but it's been a thought-provoking email question. Good creative dreeaming.

Second, working backward from a really cute headband to create a dress to complement. Reminds me of the very common adult process - finding a killer pair of shoes, usually on sale, and then searching for the perfect outfit to go with them, usually not on sale. Now tell me you've never done that! Dreaming up a yellow, blue, pink sundress!

Have a good Thursday. I am laboring at the sewing machine. I think I can complete my special order. I think I can. I think I can.

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