Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Good Show for All the Handcrafters

Poppy Fest was a great success, and not just for Mama D and Annarella Girl, but for all the handcrafters around us. That included a basket maker, stained glass maker, woodworker, and jam maker. Everyone was happy with the turnout. People were so supportive and appreciative of the handmade goods. Kudos to the organizers. It is such a huge job. Thanks to Mother Nature for being cooperative. I can't say enough for the experience.

Now on to the special orders. I will be busy in May. Hurrah!!!! The store in Georgetown called "Wonderful Things" on Austin Ave where we have a few things has just reordered. Thanks you very much!!!! So I'm working on that. If you are local, you probably know what a great gift store they are. Now that you can find Annarella Girl there, they are even better. Is that blatant self promotionn?

You can always find me on the internet if you are out of town or "Snickelbritches" in Temple, Texas.

 After a string of mediocre shows, it was certainly nice to feel loved again. Thanks again to all who stopped by, talked to us and bought. Feeling the love. Back at ya'.

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