Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ready, Steady, Sew

Excitement here in the workroom. Computer is back, rested and restored. Yah!!!! I missed having easy email access. Sure, I have a smart phone on which I get notifications, but I'm 68 so trying to respond to said notices is very long and time consuming. Es and esses are interchangable. Fingers must spread with age because mine cover too much space on those teeny tiny keyboards. And my smart phone has a bit of a sense of humor. Periodically it decides I must be speaking Spanish and reverts my texts from hello to olla.  What the average 8 year old can type out in 5 minutes can take me 30. So I've been saving up emails that require several paragraphs.

Good consequences for lack of easy internet communication - email, facebook, blogger, research, shopping - are lots of sewing. I have caught up with all the special orders. Now I'm working on pieces to have in some shops. Keep your fingers crossed that I might be able to add 2 more stores shortly. That possibility has lead me on a search for someone to help me. Anyone want to apply for a job that pays little? I'll keep you all posted on how many applications I receive.

Here are some informal pics of what is hanging on my door waiting to go to photo spot. I've been catching up with more sundresses and onesies. Using some bright colors.

Forward into summer.