Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday, Super Day

I don't watch the GAME. I don't have to watch the game. Tomorrow morning every show will be talking about it and showing highlights - not only the mcuh touted commercials, but even some of the game. Whether I'm interested or not I'll know who won and who lost. I plan to settle in today and watch chickflick after chickflick. Its a wet, raw day here perfect for a novel, blanket and sappiness!

Now my husband has been planning for this game for 2 weeks, at least. It's also his birthday, soby mutual agreement he can search out a fanatic group to whoop and holler with him. It may also include copious amounts of food and drink. For that he has flown up to Pennsylvania to be with his siblings who will celebrate with him on both fronts - bday and game day. Let the games begin.

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