Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gathering Signs of Spring

This morning a large flock of robins settled in my backyard eating and chirping until Butler broke them up. Can spring be on its way? Such a mild winter that trees are budding and bushes flowering. Grass is proudly flaunting its new green.  Groundhogs in Pennsyvania and armidillos here predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Well, if this is winter bring it on. Please, no hard freezes for us so these tender harbingers of spring don't die. Just more of what we have.

Mother Nature is capricious and sometimes has a wicked sense of humor. See our last summer as proof. Now we are all holding our breath and electric bills as we wait to see when the first 90 and 100 degree days occur. Last week saw a day in the mid 80's. (Honestly no wonder I settled on making sundresses when I retired. In Central Texas they are all year long fashion without a tee and leggings underneath or a sweater over.) Like a cat I love a warm day sitting on my back porch basking in the sun. But last year was a test even for the hardiest sun lover. So, Mother Nature, can we have loads and loads of these warm days before you treat us to hot? I'm thinking until late May or even June before triple digits!

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