Thursday, February 2, 2012

Princess Notes

I'm working in collaboration with a fellow crafter, Shannon, who makes girly, girl stuff - bows and tutus. Go to her facebook page to see. Well, she wanted a top to go with her tutus, so I've been working on a tube top with a corset tied back. Finally have the sizing and engineering done, so today I'm working on a final product. It will be frou-frou with a soft, feathery trim. It is unabashedly aimed at the princesses.

Love the princesses. They twirl with delight, dance instead of walk, and giggle frequently. Most girls have at least a little princess in them. Of course, they love pink, purple and black. They enjoy sparkle that reflects the glitter within. They are so happy when they make people smile. Who can't love these girls?

What happens when they grow up. Well, here in Texas they combine their princess side with their cowgirl side. Still lots of sparkly but love their boots, too. Tough, ambitious, complex. Many I know are full of good works and helping people. Creative - even if they don't dance as much as before, their imaginations are moving to their inner music. Love them, love them. And you know who you are. Writers, poets, bloggers, sewers, artists, artisans, jewelers, knitters, designers and teachers. All full of sparkle.

(I've lost the info of who posted picture above, but it is from pinterest. Go there for fun and inspiration.)

Nurture your princess today and tell me how. Put on your helmet and tutu. Forward.

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