Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Around the World

Happ Valentine's Day. Blogs, facebook and twitter are full of expressions of love. Some very personal. That's Mrs. Mediocrity to you has a lovely picture and a heartfelt poem, "Cadence."  Brene Brown of ordinary courage shares the idea of love for all in this world and offers a gift for those who share what they've done to show love. Wonderful thoughts.

I find I'm compelled to talk about love. I was lucky enough to grow up in a house filled with love. I felt cossetted in love thanks to my parents. Now almost every parent loves their children. My parents also rspected us. What a gift! They treated our feelings, thoughts and ideas as important and taught us that the feelings, thoughts and ideas of others demanded to be treated with respect.

So I pass that along to the world. Lets get back to respect - respect for our elders, respect for our peers, repect for laws, respect for our country. Hokey, you say. Sure! But treating others with respect gives us a good framework for a healthy discussion and acknowledgement of differences. Discussions born out of respect can lead to compromises that work for the majority. Let's stop the meaness; it's not constructive. Use this Valentine's Day to find something good in an adversary. Tell me what it is!

Two totally different takes on hearts! Viva la difference! Go forward in love and respect!!

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