Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On Thin Ice

Yesterday was a MONDAY. Haven't had one for awhile. Seems like I'm skating along merrily and smoothly for days at a time when suddenly the ice gets rough. With arms wheeling I try to regain a balance, but there is that period when all I can do is barely stay on my feet much less glide. That's a MONDAY - full of bumps of frustration making every planned project a struggle. I find myself making lots of silly mistakes. Spend too much time doing over.Greet end of work day with a wipe of the brow and a big whew. Tomorrow has to be better. Surely I can't be so inept two days in a row.

This morning I am off to a much better start. Projects are back on track. And I was treated to a wonderful poem from Mrs. Mediocrity on her blog which expressed what I felt yesterday. So love it when a word wizard catches my thoughts. Pop over and give it a look.

Anyone around Winnie, Texas this weekend, look for their arts and craft fair. Simply By Shannon will be there with our combined tutu dress. It is so hard to get a good pic of it; they are so cute in person.


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