Friday, April 15, 2011

No More Time

I wish I had a couple more weeks, but I don't. Red Poppy Festival starts tomorrow at 10 am. I'm as ready as I'm going to be. There are a few more headbands to make. Then it's a matter of gathering together everything I need, packing it in the car and setting up booth. Luckily Jennifer D of Mama Ds does most of the heavy lifting and booth design. I just come in at the end with my racks, clothes and a table.

At this point I'm always nervous. How will the show go? Will I meet lots of people? I love when I get to share the excitement of a girl picking out something beautiful to wear. It's such a joy when I can make someone happy.

There is a dark voice whining in my mind - an old, familiar demon. What if no one buys? This makes me feel very unloved. I can only liken the bad show experience to dressing up your new baby who you think is adorable and taking her into a crowd where noone appreciates her, ooh and ahs over her cuteness or tells you how beautiful she is. Hoping for a weekend full of love for my "babies."

Have a great weekend. Be kind to each other. Enjoy the spring flowers.Celebrate the specialness of each baby you see.


GRANNY said...

My daughter,granddaughters and I visited you yesterday at the festival in Georgetown,Tx and we bought a skirt and dress. We want to thank you so much, your work is outstanding and very high quality. The little ones adore their new items.

ellie said...

Posted a pic on today's blog. Your granddaughters are beautiful. Thanks for checking out my blog and sharing your thoughts.