Saturday, April 23, 2011


Going to NYC next weekend. So I'm dreaming of what I might see. When in New York I can be content just breathing in the energy of this great city or people watching. What a feast for the eyes. And a feast for the mouth. Maybe we'll eat some great Italian food. My husband loves to indulge in a street vendor hotdog. Or how about a good pizza? So much to choose from. My son tells me to check out Yelp for good suggestions.

Of course, we'll visit a few galleries to see exhibits of upcoming artists. Maybe we'll catch the next superstar before they become famous. Fill my senses with inspiration.

AND I'll visit my personal mecca, Purl. This fabulous store has scrumptious fabrics. I have saved a few pennies from the Red Poppy if I find some materials I just can't live without. Maybe some things for my dresses this fall and winter. Dreamy.

Yahoo!!! Anyone have some suggestions of more must see or do places?

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