Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When does a hobby become an addiction?

Tonight I dashed to Hobby Lobby for 3 spools of tread. I walked out with 3 pieces of fabric for a total of 12.5 yards, 7 spools of ribbon and 3 spools of thread. I seem to be unable to stop buying fabric and ribbon. I love the colors. I love the patterns. I visualize the garments that they will become. Help me, I think I'm addicted.

If I sewed non-stop for the next year, I would still have leftover material. And leftover ideas. I took some photos of my stash tonight, but the camera is not co-operating and won't download. (I assume that after a good night's sleep, we all - computer, camera and me, will be better tomorrow.)

I don'twant a cure for my habit. I just want to laugh about it. Is that denial?

Good Night.

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Bev said...

i am laughing out loud, i can so relate! and i don't want help either!