Saturday, March 19, 2011

Deep Breaths

After 2 weeks of busy with sewing and grandkids, I'm caught up. The last special order went in the mail yesterday. House is quiet. So I'm taking this weekend to breathe deeply. Working, but at a leisurely rate. Catching up with my blog. Posting a few new items on etsy.

Surroundings are so quiet I find myself thinking dog. I miss the company of a dog. I miss the enthusiastic greeting when I walk in the door. I miss the warmth at my feet in bed. Am I crazy? Dogs are also messy. They require attention. When I'm on the road, they need someone to care for them. But despite trying to list all the difficulties with having a dog, I can't stop wanting one.

My requireents for a dog are many. No puppies, please. I need a mature dog - translate that into low-energy. Small or no larger than medium. Not so small it can trip me up in the kitchen. But not so large that I can, if necessary, pick it up. Lastly, little to no shedding.

I'm so close to visiting my local shelter to see what's there. I'm trying to force myself to take deep breaths and take time to really think about this. To balance my need for companionship with the responsibility of pet care. Anyone out there have any perspective for me?

Above skirt is a crazy combination of 5 fabrics in spring colors. Somehow the multiple patterns and hues work. The girls love the skirts over leggings. Versatile and good for play.

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