Thursday, March 24, 2011

Balancing Acts

In January I set some goals for myself. One was to find balance in my life. How to balance my passion and time for sewing and creating with time for family, self and others. And I have had some successes. My husband and I try to go to the movies each weekend followed by a dinner out. I find it's a nice way to get me out of my workroom for a break. I do hit the sewing with renewed energy the next day.

I try to see or talk to my kids and grandkids a bit more often. Grammy time over spring break was great. And although I'm concious of impending deadlines, I made myself relax and not worry. The mind is a wonderful tool and can be talked into not obsessing. What I concenttrate on is enjoying the moment not the future except to think how revived I'll be when I return to the workroom. Does that make sense to anyone else?

But I haven't made any progress in the area of giving to others. No volunteer opportunity has appealed to me. That's where I'm asking for your ideas or input. I know I will feel fuller and my creative life will be fed by giving time and energy to others. My special interests are women and children. Narrow that to education. What I won't do is fundraising where most of the suggestions seem to lead. I'm not good at raising money. I don't like raising money. I want to be hands on, maybe one on one. No kudos or thanks for what I'm doing, but I need to feel like I am helping. Making a difference for someone or some group. Have any of you run across interesting programs?

I'm not interested in the big national or international organizations. Ideally I'd like to be involved in something local. With all the cuts in arts and education, I think there may be programs or such that other people have implemented that might work locally on a small level. Any ideas? Any web sites to check?

I have some energy and time. All I need is some direction. Ahhh, balance.

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Judy Grupp Studio said...

If you are interested in education & art & children - there is a whole community of "homeschool kids" who need the expertise of someone like you. There are websites for homeschoolers that might help you find who to contact. I don't know how it works. I remember I learned to sew in school, what opportunity do these kids have if their mother does not sew?