Monday, March 21, 2011


A friend found out this week that she will be a first time grammy. She's been waiting patiently, well almost patiently, for several years and finally the time is here. She and her husband will be terrific grandparents. Eager to share their lives, interests and rememberances with the baby. I'm so happy for her.

It got me thinking about my life with 6 grandkids. I quite enjoy having the fun of kids without the responsibilities of rearing them. They keep me supplied with hugs and funny observations. Grandkids are a delicious treat. My job is to spoil them with candy and late nights. There are the occasional teaching moments, but mainly I try to show by example.

Times are changing. My grandkids think it is hysterical that I grew up with only one phone that hung in the kitchen with a long tangled cord. They can't understand what a party line was. Was that in the time of the dinosaurs? They've never seen a typewriter in real life, only in the occasional historic photo. Life without a computer is unthinkable.

In my parent's time they saw an explosion of innovation and invention in transportation - from bi-planes to jet planes. The growth of the culture of the car until it became a must for every suburban household. From steam engine trains to the bullet trains.

I'vs seen the birth of communication. I remember the first TV in my home. I was about 8 at the time. From 3 networks, if you were lucky where you lived, to 100's of channels. My children and there children have never known a home without a TV. Now the computer and i-phone. My grandkids will never know life without instant communication. I wonder what new inventions my great grandchildren will have easy access to and easy familiarity with.

Although I try to keep up with the new technology and pop culture, I must admit a bit of nostalgia for some of the old fashioned ways. I hate that everyone is on the phone all the time. Where is the peace and quiet of yore? Sometimes we all need time to be alone, don't we? Without voices or texts to bother us. I miss the idea of good language. The F word has become too common. We need to express our thoughts and feelings without the shortcut of swearing. How lazy some writers and speakers have become. The word doesn't shock me in my old age; it saddens me.

In my sewing I have kept many of the old-fashioned techniques because they improve the durability of the garments. I pink all my seams so they wash without ravelling. I topstitch mostseams that are visible so they stand-up to lots of wear and play. I hope my dresses and skirts will be around a long time - until they are old fashioned. (But I embrace the modern fabrics which are easy care, comfortable and fun to work with.)
Happy Monday!


Bev said...

what a delightful post! i feel much the same...and congratulations to the soon to be grandparents. like you say, it is a delicious treat!

susan said...

as the soon to be grandparent (hooray!) I can only imagine the joys of sharing stories, memories and tall tales. of spoiling endlessly. and savoring every hug and kiss. I will look for a lot of guidance in the art of grammy-hood. ps I think we are long overdue for our 'monthly' dinner.

ellie said...

By my reckoning we are 6 weeks overdue. Let's do it soon. We have something great to celebrate!!!