Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Butler

Butler waiting for some love.

Recently I posted about getting a dog. Since my dog, Zoey, died in December, I've been missing the companionship she offered. Always there to greet me when I returned home. And offering me oportunities for exercise. I thought I would be happy not having the responsibility of pet care, but finally loneliness has won.

Meet Butler. He is a 2 year old mix - daschaund and basset hound - found at our local shelter. My son and his 3 kids were with me and fell in love with him. They are my back-up for dog care, so it was important that they approved. So far Butler is laid back. His requirements are lots of ear rubs and regular meals. It's early days, and he hasn't met the master of the house yet, but so far he and I are settling in well.

Butler making himself comfy in my sewing room.

I'm full of smiles. Happy Monday!

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