Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Report

It's another spring update. You'd think after all these years spring would no longer bring me such anticipation and joy, but it does. And I am once again delighted with noting the progressions and changes that occur. Most of the lawns are more green than brown. Dandelions wave their yellow heads in the breeze. Trees sport a haze of green as the leaf buds begin to unfurl. The Bradgord pear trees that line the entry to my development are filled with white flowers - reminds me of brides with full veils. I haven't spotted my first bluebonnet yet, but soon.

Georgetown, where I live, has red poppies. It's known as the red poppy capitol of Texas. There are many homes in our historic downtown that sport yards full of red poppies. It is quite a happy sight. In April the town has a festival which honors the flower. (In truth, it's a good title but it really celebrates all of Georgetown and its inhabitants.) This year it is April 16-17. There is always good music - local and national. Mark Chestnut is the headliner on Saturday night. Fair food favorites range from kettle corn to funnel cakes to sausage on a stick. Lots and lots of arts and crafts booths. Annarella Girl will be there sharing a space with Mama Ds. Put it on your calendar. For all the up-to-date information go to the Red Poppy Festival website.

Black and pink skirt with pink underskirt and black and bright pink flower sundress will be at the Red Poppy festival. They say come and see them in person. My poor photos do not do them justice.


Judy Grupp Studio said...

I love poppies, we don't have enough of them in PA. Your dresses are fabulous, you'll have a great time!

GRANNY said...

My granddaughter had a FIT when she saw this skirt. It is the one we bought from you at the Red Poppy festival. We got my other granddaughter a dress as well. Love your work and very impressed and happy.