Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yesterday while I was working at The Exchange I had 2 dresses shoplifted. How sad!! And a bit angering!! Why does someone think it is okay to take, without paying, goods from a store? Now, we're not talking necessities here. You can get a lot of cute kids clothes at The Exchange for very little cost. Even though they are second-hand, the clothes are in excellent condition. If they needed clothes, there were ones to be had for $5 or $6.

So I can only assume that someone really liked the Annarella Girl dresses but didn't think they had to pay what everyone else does. I try very hard to keep my prices reasonable while keeping the quality of the workmanship very high. But I know they are not cheap. They don't look cheap, they don't wear cheap. I'm asking a fair price for my garments. I'm sorry that someone felt it was okay not to pay me for my ideas and craft. To steal from me.

Although I wish I were not, I am angry and hurt. I can't afford losses like this. Right now every cent I make is going right back into the business as I'm trying to take it to the next level. I left the store feeling very discouraged and asking myself whether it was worth the risk of theft to keep them on display. Working by one's self, for one's self tends to lead to feelings of vulnerability. Incidences when someone does not value your work heaps more vulnerability on top. I hope that the thief doesn't steal from anybody else. I wish the thief would realize how it effects the victim.

I don't have bad feelings for the stolen dress recipient. When the little girl who receives the stolen dress wears it, I hope she loves it. I hope it makes her feel pretty. For if a person feels pretty inside, I don't think they will commit such an ugly act as theft and hurt someone. So fly, little girl, in your Annarella Girl dress as you should.

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