Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy B'day, America

Getting ready for the 4th of July? What a lovely girl in her flag dress! If you look real close you can glimpse her sister with brown boots. They were so cute in these dresses.
Usually we celebrate with family coming for the weekend, but this year hubs and I will be on our own. Hope he will make his fabulous ribs anyway. I would love to have them as leftovers all week long. What foods do you have for the 4th? Any favorites?
And fireworks. Is anybody out there as crazy about fireworks as I am? Our community here always puts on a good show. (Weatherpeople are predicting rain for the 4th. Hope they are wrong.) And I've been lucky enough to see some spectacular shows all over the place. Special memories about fireworks over Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Double the color and sparkle when they are reflected by water. And the same reflections in shiny buildings like in Buckhead, Georgia where they fired into the sky and were reflected on 3 sides in the mirrored office buildings. Both places were real "ooh, ahh" displays.
Hope all of you have wondeful weekends filled with family and fun.
PS. My apologies for a post I made on the ecourse which was missing words here and there. I guess my computer was sleepy. Hope it made some sort of sense anyway.

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sydney @ memorable minutes said...

hi fellow flyer - I know how you feel in the beginning of your post about just writing about your craft instead of philosophizing. i went the opposite direction today. Your clothes are absolutely adorable. Enjoy your holiday!