Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mama D and Me

Life is always full of opportunity. So last week I went and knocked on its door. Mama D's is a local handmade business. They make wonderful purses, diaper bags, burp cloths and more. As they like to say - they are accesorizing babies and mamas everywhere.

I've been aware of them since doing the First Baptist Christmas Spectacular together last year. They caught my eye with their flair for putting patterns and colors together and their workmanship. (Is that not right up my alley?) Mama D's is a mother, Joan, and daughter, Jennifer, business. Last year they opened a small retail space in a little red historic house here in Georgetown at 407 W University Ave. They also do lots of shows. They generously have accepted me to share their retail space and some of the shows.

This weekend we're doing The Peddler Show in Cedar Park. It starts Friday at 3-8 and runs Sat 9-6 and Sun 11-4. It will be great fun working with Mama D's. I can't wait to meet all the customers. Annarella Girl will have dresses, tops and skirts as well as an assortment of fabric headbands and embellished leggings. Log on the Peddler Show website for a coupon for discounted admission.
Enjoy a couple more bags from Mama D's etsy shop. As cute as they are in pictures, wait until you see them in person!

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Suzanne said...

How brave of you to just walk in and ask. Good for you!