Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is Summer Over Yet?

In the workroom, summer is moving into fall. Can you believe it? Slowly (and I emphasis that word since I have many distractions) I'm developing the dresses and skirts for fall and winter.

Mrs. Cie of Fonda Photography and mother of this sweet Annarella Girl inquired this AM what fall dresses I was working on. So I decided you all needed an update. So I'm posting some pics of the samples I've got so far. A few, as noted, are in my etsy shop. and available now. Some are still experimental. Thanks, Mrs Cie for the interest. Check out her beautiful photography by clicking on link.

I love this yellow fabric with the black and red birds. Have you noticed how birds are everywhere in prints? I think it makes a great apron dress. I haven't decided how else I'll use it. And wait until you see a cool owl on black fabric I haven't used yet.

Pink is always popular all year long. Love it with brown. Another dress which spans the seasons well. I'll be posting this on my etsy shop shortly. Its a size 6-12 mos.

Black, green with splashes of pinks. (This is already posted in my etsy shop.) Gorgeous! I love mixing black into the smaller sizes. Its a sophisticated color which plays well with toddlers and is a welcome break from the pastels. You could use soooo many colors, pink, black, white, green, for shirts or leggings to wear with this come cool weather. (Yes, someday it will come.)

Last for today, just a teaser of this dress. Black, beige and red. Will look great for the holidays, but not so specific that your girl wouldn't love wearing it all year long. Shown in a size 7.

I hope you've enjoyed this preview. Seems like the fall/winter line is going slow, but I'm still working on summer to fill out the inventory which is selling. Plus my lovely assistants are learning and in next couple of weeks will be up to speed.

While you're looking at lovely photos, see what Sarah Havard is upto. Remember she took my publicity shots. Her logo is in my header and there is a link in the sidebar under favorite artists.

Have a great day. We're expecting rain. Good for the garden, but bad for the drivers. Be safe.

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