Thursday, December 6, 2012

Words, Words + Sketchbook 2

Words are such important things. They tell of love, friendship, neighborhoods, news, gossip, our history and our future. With the growth of social networking and electronic communication words are the new pop stars - even if often abbreviated or initialized for the sake of speed.  New words are born and old words are often discarded along the way. Lately a few old-fashioned words have been uttered anew.

Bamboozled  Love the way it sounds. Aren't the meaning and the vocalisation synchronized? This is what "pulling the wool over someone's eyes" sounds like.  (I'm tempted to go on a rant about how over-used it would be in any discussion of Washington and the political rush to the fiscal cliff, but I don't have the time today. Lucky you!) See if you can use bamboozled in a sentence today.

Newfangled  Another example where sound and substance merge. Noises that bling make. A word of invention whether it is a product or an idea. Our world is moving at an ever increasing rate where daily we hear about newfangled things that will improve our lives. Just this morning I was treated to a new promising way to treat Alzheimer. Newfangled can be good.

Curmudgeon  My aspiration is to become a full blown curmudgeon. It seems like it is a rite of passage for elders. We get to complain, make pithy comments on modern life. At the same time we celebrate the good of the olden days. When Andy Rooney died this year, everyone used this word; so I guess I'm saying my ambition is to be Andy Rooney. (Not dead, but sardonically smart!)

Speaking of words below is the second poem from Linda Appel. "Excitement" was the blog title. These words and phrases are what jumped out at her.


“teaser”`         ”not sure”        “roads we will travel together”

“racing”          “WILL be done”

And the poem.



Excitement. This day

is off to a magnificent start.

Through our electronic messaging marvels,

I’ve talked with you, and I

am  energized with your excitement and spirit.

I have set a project in motion

and you are racing to your sewing

machine. Our tasks WILL be done today.


When I arose from bed this morning, the moon

shone full upon me. Later, leaving the house,

I crested the hill, turned left, and halted.

At the end of the alley of trees a rainbow

arched bright across my path.

Excitement at these blessings propels me

along the road we are traveling together

despite distance and distractions.


                        Linda Knowlton Appel, 12/1/12

Thanks, Linda, what a wonderful use of words! For all my readers I hope that your day is bright!!


Jeff said...

Curmudgeon strikes me as a masculine descriptor. I think feminine would be more like carper or battle-axe ;)

Love to hear your voice Aunt Linda!

ellie said...

Battle axe sounds too mean while curmudgeon has an eccentric quality. We'll have to work at finding a good feminine equivalent. Isn't that a bit sexist?