Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Hanekkah

Sending to Linda and her family a wish for a very happy hanekkah. (Never sure what the correct spelling is.)
Ours is a very eclectic family with many different philosophies and ethnicities. I think it makes for a very vibrant group. We don't always (never) agree on politics, religion or lifestyles, but we respect and love each other.
As varient as we are, there are some traits we share. A healthy sense of humor. Love of words. Respect for education. A thirst for knowledge. Voracious reading. These traits cut across our differences and bond us as a family.

So I send forth wishes for a Happy Hanekkah to Linda and her family. And in 2 weeks I know she will have a Christmas tree and share a Christmas meal with her community. (She's been known to invite her rabbi.) Hooray for differences!

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