Sunday, December 9, 2012

Like Lemmings to the Cliff

Yes, that fiscal cliff that everyone is talking about. My question for all  - if we fall off the cliff, doesn't that raise taxes on almost everyone? Doesn't that break the "no higher taxes" pledge that the Republicans agreed to? Can inaction be embraced as "not our fault?"

Just asking. Staying tuned for the rest of the story.

PS. Lemmings go over the cliff as a natural form of population control. Too many lemmings, not enough food;  run to the cliffs.
      Political parties - too much power, not enough common sense. Let's run for the cliff. Maybe it's time to winnow the power brokers in the parties. Too much posturing, too many senseless words; time for common sense, doing the job they were elected to do, caring more for the country than the party.

Just saying.

(Every time I try to finish this post, I hear something else.) Bob Schieffer on Meet the Press this am.
"What hypocrisy, what fakery!" Well said.

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