Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life Questions

Why is so difficult to except a compliment? Recently I found myself in a situation where my knee jerk reaction to a compliment in front of a group was to deny it. Why?

I want to be recognized. I want my achievements to be recognized. But in a public situation I'm embarrassed by praise. (And, conversely, I'm hurt if ignored. Make sense out of that!) I've tried to learn to accept and thank the person who is being so kind as to acknowledge me, but I still have so much progress to make. I do appreciate every kind word spoken about me. New Year's resolution - to get better at being complimented. After all, aren't I fortunate to have nice things said about the projects I have and continue to work on.

Why wait to the last minute to get anything done? I need a deadline. Why? In my view of the perfect world, I work steadily toward various goals in my business and volunteer projects. Reality!!! I can't seem to get really productive until the end is close.

As the holidays near with the long list of gifts to finish, baking to be done, cleaning to accomplish, my stress is high. I regret every minute I spent in the month of November in time killing game play, daydreaming, lollygagging, and other mindless activities. I need that time back in order to get it all done. Why did I waste this time...again?

Confession - I feed off this stress. Having a day of whining is part of my process. Not very pretty, is it? Sorry. I'll leave you now to tackle some of my projects.

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