Friday, December 7, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

Linda writes a response to my blog of December 4. Since she lives in the Portland Oregon area, she is much too familiar with rain while here in central Texas we are in the throes of a drought. If only we could share. I'd send her more sunshine, rosy sunrises, golden sunsets. In exchange she could package up a few gentle, long showers to delight our lakes, trees and grass. Sounds like a great gift exchange to me.

So from the sodden Northwest here is the poem.

Skies glower grey with rain for days,

which dawn late, and nights creep in

too early. The year spins down and out

and we struggle against the brevity

of life and light.

Today, at last, clouds float like gauze

In front of the rising sun which reaches

Through with five fingers of silver

Light toward the frets of earth,

To pluck the notes of a Gloria in excelsis.


Linda Knowlton Appel


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