Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stepping Along

After a moment of absolute panic last night ("There is not enough time to finish all that I must!"), I am settled in humming along and putting some finishing touches on gifts. There is still so much to do including my least favorite task - cleaning. Where are those elves who come in the middle of the night to get my house in order? Oh, right, only in my dreams.

(We need those elves in Washington. In the face of the tragedy in Newtown where adults and kids lost their lives while going about doing what they were suppose to do, it seems so trivial and immature that our "leaders" can't do their jobs. It's a strech to connect previous part of blog with this observation, but I can't help myself. Raise taxes and decrease spending. We know it is coming.)

Today is wrapping, baking, ironing and (yecch) a bit of cleaning. I wish everyone a productive and fulfilling day.

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