Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday, a Day Late

Lately I've had a good reason to look forward to Wednesday. A family friend living in London has started a food oriented blog. On Wednesday he takes his readers on a random trip through the internet to spots that intrigue him. And I'm finding they intrigue me also. For instance this week was about chocolate covered potato chips, Mexican street food, Tim Horton coffee and donuts in London, and a great site (beautiful pics) where you can submit an ingredient and they will give you a recipe using it. Such fun!! Search out and see what Greg is doing next. I don't sign up for many email notifications on new blogs, but this one is fun and interesting. So do it.

Greg, also, writes for an emagazine called the other side. Its mostly about the UK. Another fun read. Follow his quest for the perfect hamburger in the UK. Next time I get to London, I have lots of restaurants to try.

I love reading about food almost as much as I enjoy eating it! Happy Wednesday a day late.

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