Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let Your Voice Be Heard

(Skip this if you are uncomfortable with my continuing political rant. I promise someday I will be done.)

Today I wrote a note to my senators and congressman. With the internet it s easy to find them and email them. I urge all of you to take a few minutes and let them know how you feel they are doing their job, especially in the current political climate. Even if you think they are doing a good job, they need to know what the citizens are thinking. After all they are hearing regularly from the lobbyists and special interest groups. Really they need to hear from you directly.

I've told them of my anger at their lack of leadership: their poor behavior towards each other and, most importantly, us: and most distressing their emphasis on winning as if running the government is a huge game of king of the mountain instead of an emphasis on making good common sense decisions and hard choices.

Let them know what you are thinking. Are you concerned enough. I was.
Next I'm writing to the president. I hope my voice is part of a growing chorus asking, no demanding, a stop to the foolishness.

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