Friday, July 29, 2011

Annarella Girl Moves

I'm so happy to let all my fans know that Annarella Girl can now be found in a new shop in downtown Georgetown - Diva Chicks Artful Boutique at 109 7th Street, one door from the corner of Main and 7th. Check out the facebook page and like it.

The back story - the coop gallery. Good Water - lost its space and will close at end of August. The manager, Kay Briggs, took this opportunity to follw a dream and open her own retail space. So Diva Chicks Artful Boutique was born. She and partner, Edda, have gathered together clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry into a bright, welcoming space. And she has invited Mama Ds to have some space. Yeah!

When you are in Georgetown visit us there. You'll love the women's clothes - so sophisticated yet comfortable. Perfect for Texas weather! The jewelry makes a fun statement as a great accessorie. And of course, Mama D has colorful handbags and diaper bags. Last but not least, Annarella Girl will have lovely handmade skirts, dresses and onesies for all ages from babies to 8 year olds.

Diva Chicks Artful Boutique is open now and full of goodies so stop in. There will be a grand opening August 5 which is First Friday in downtown if you want some food and drink to go along with your purchases!

PS Mama Ds and Annarella Girl will have products at Good Water Gallery until they close. Support the artists there.


susan said...

I discovered Diva Chicks on Wednesday. what a fabulous shop! and I was most happy to see Annarella Girl there. seems like a perfect match!

ellie said...

Isn't the shop great. Spread the word. Great clothes, fabulous jewelry, trendy bags. Did you pick up anything for traveling? Thr knit tops and dresses are so comfortable for those long flights to LA.