Monday, July 25, 2011


My dog and I have just gone throuh a bit of a power struggle. But with some give and take we've settled our problems. Now we are both satisfied.

(Alert! The following is a political rant. Read on at your own risk.)

If Butler and I can compromise for the good of the household and to promote family peace, I expect the leaders of this country to do the same. I'm angry that they seem unable to leave the bully behavior on a long gone playground and work toward a compromise. They are playing with our country's future, the citizens' furture and I don't appreciate that.

We have a congress acting like little kids - pointing fingers, pushing, name-calling, yelling - if I were the referee I'd be handing out red cards. Such behavior is not moving anyone forward, and it is wasting time.

My solution....Lock them in a room and don't let them out until they come up with a plan that makes sense and begins to solve the problem. Take the cost of meals, drinks, cots and linens consumed out of their salaries. After all they are asking us to make sacrifices. Lets see how much they can sacrifice.

And when they finally emerge with a plan, they are not allowed to acknowledge that anyone wins except the citizenz. Again this is not a game with winners and losers - or shouldn't be. Right now the only losers are us, the American people. We should be the only ones that our leaders are concerned with, not their political parties or their political futures. Come on ladies and gentlemen (read with a great deal of sarcasm.) you have a chance to be heroes, true heroes. Where is your courage? Where is your common sense? Where is your love of your country?

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susan said...

Ellie for President!