Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Organized and loving it!

Having made the decision to spend more time on my line of custom designed, hand-made girls' dresses, I've been spending lots more time in my sewing/crafts room. This space has doubled as a guest room and a general "if its clutter it must go here" area. Well, for Christmas my daughter gave me the gift of 24 hours of time to help de-clutter and organize this room so it could serve as a business office as well as a sewing room for my growing business. This last weekend she came and we conquered. I now have a room which functions beautifully for the sewing. And is ready to serve as a home office as I phase out of the backroom here at Annarella Home. I even have lots of space to grow.
Although I don't have images of my re-done space, I went googling today to look for low cost ideas to create a home office and craft space. (Did I mention that we ended up spending only on lumber for two shelves, small can of paint and a new, large waste basket - for a total of well under $100?)
Here are a few clever ideas from Better Homes and Gardens that are budget friendly and functional.

I loved this idea of a desk made from an old door with added legs. It makes for a wide, flat area which is something I need. Also they took a parson's chair and slipcovered it for a comfortable desk seat.Here they've used slatted display walls like you see in many stores. Painted it. Added shelves and pin-up boards etc. Especially clever is the hanging file system. Simple and seviceable!

Here an old metal tray has been painted to create a magnetic board. I've also found a metal cookie sheet works well. Depending on what you need to attach, mesh stretched over a baking sheet works well to display or hold earrings, necklaces or anything small enough to be held by pins. Let your imagination roam.

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