Friday, January 30, 2009

Can spring be far behind?

Wednesday I blogged/bragged about my organized sewing room where I am busy creating dresses and skirts for spring and summer. Today I thought I'd give you all a look at a few of the new things.

This is the back of one combination and shows the ribbon sash. This style uses ribbon ties on the shoulders also. I love the madras patchwork!

Pink and more pink. (This is printed to look like patchwork unike the madras which is really patchwork.) Its such a girly color plus bright for the summer. Don't forget these look great with a blouse or tee shirt. So they're not only sun dresses.Two tier skirt. Don't you love the second ruffle peeking out?This twirly skirt is four fabrics put together. My favorite part is deciding what prints and colors to combine. The variety of 100% cotton prints is just never ending these days.

Because of the change in the laws for children's clothing, I've decided not to make my sun dress with the buttons down the back. My understanding is the buttons would have to be tested for lead. I will be making a design with white eyelet and just one fabric accent for a slightly calmer feel. So stay tuned.

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