Saturday, January 10, 2009

Get out of the winter blahs

There's the period after we take down the holiday decor, pack away those special dishes and store the red, gold or green candles, when the nesting instinct cries out for a change. The skies are gray, the trees are brown. The outside is a symphony in muted whites, browns and blacks. Inside the house we are ready for something new - something different - something with color. The easiest quick but satisfying trick is to add some color with new pillows.
Imagine this combination of colors in a mix of large to small. square and rectangular pillows on a sofa and a chair.

Mixing a pattern and stripe with solids; smooth with textured; a sheen with a matte finish will brighten your spirit and add so much interest to your room.

Just pick a color palette and chose the different patterns and textures. If you're afraid of making a mistake or the choices become overwhelming, call or email Pamela at Annarella Home. You'll love the difference a few pillows will make and your pocketbook will love the low cost.

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