Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change is good

On Inaugaration Day 2009 change is a key word. It's exciting to see such crowds and such enthusiasm. Even if America must face reality and a lot of tough work tomorrow, it is fun to celebrate change and possibilities today.

As a lot of you know already, Annarella is making some major changes. We've been selling our inventory at 50% off so we can consolidate into 2 rooms and become Annarella Home, Pamela's design services. This week we should be able to begin to move all the fabrics into their new home, our second room. We will be vacating the atrium and adjoining design studio. Although there is a little sadness, this feels more and more right as we progress. The current economic climate means we have to tighten our belt and find ways to trim the overhead without hurting the wonderful design services that we can provide. So we are reducing the gift items we carry as we reduce our retail presence in downtown.

Our new store hours are Tues -Sat 11-5. But Pamela can be reached on her cell for questions and appoinments 512-818-6026. We welcome appointments for before or after regular hours. For the time being we will remain at 800 S Austin Ave here in downtown Georgetown. We promise to keep everyone updated on all coming changes.

Ellie will expand her Hugs from Mimi girls handmade clothing line. Right now I'm working hard at developing new designs and looks for spring. I'm building up stock with an addition of two skirts. Meanwhile I'll be working with Pamela. My smiling face will still be the one behind the desk. So stop in and see me. Any questions about the clothes can be emailed annarella@thegateway.net as I work on a schedule of art fairs I'll attend and on a website.

So change is good here. Thanks to everyone who has had such good things to say to us. Thanks to everyone who has said they'll miss us. We're still here just morphing.

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