Thursday, June 13, 2013


As responses come in to my big announcement, it seems that my hubs and I are part of a new trend. As friends and family tip toe towards old age, all are trying to figure out how to live well and follow their dreams. So many are seriously downsizing. Maybe not carrying it as far as we are - that is getting rid of it all - but still going from houses with many collections, much furniture, big yards to condos and apartments.

Why? Many are looking for the same thing we are. Less responsibilities. Fewer expenses. Lowering stress. More time to enjoy travel.

Here are my dreams. No grass, bushes or trees to cut or trim. Well, honestly, we stopped doing that long ago, but now we can be free from paying someone to maintain our yard.

Fewer rooms to dust, clean, paint, update. And a lot less stuff. I've enjoyed all the art that I have. I know how lucky I am to have it. But I can let it go. I can enjoy the thought that it is giving pleasure to others.

Taking the money that we spend for water, electricity, insurance, mortgage and using it to travel, seeing old friends and making new memories. (And those memories don't take up as much room as stuff. A lot less to pack up and carry with you. But so much pleasure!)

When I was the mother of young kids, I sometimes dreamed of running away. (Oh, come on, who of us as parents didn't have this fantasy a time or two?) Finally the time has come.

The only surprise is that we are part of a trend.

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Anonymous said...

Take us with you! Why wait to simplify? Maybe we all should do it sooner than later ;)