Friday, June 21, 2013

Looking for a Few Good Books

Actually, I shade the truth. I'm looking for a LOT of good books.

See where I'm going there is not a library and UPS doesn't deliver Amazon. What am I going to do to keep myself in reading material? I can't imagine sitting on a beach without one or crawling into bed without reading myself to sleep. I've been know to go into an anxiety attack if I've read everything in the house. When living in 2 story houses I have a book in progress on each level. My favorite buildings in the towns where I've lived is the library. You can see that I'm facing a dilemma.

Soooo, I'm building a library of paperbacks to take with me. Even as much as I read there are thousands of books just waiting for me to find them and devour them. So I'm taking all suggestions for favorite reads from everyone.  Send me names of what you've enjoyed recently. Or how about the books you read, reread and consider essential. I'm compiling a reading list - a "summer reading list" for all year long. Fiction is my favorite - all types - science fiction, mysteries, historical, modern; but I do indulge in a little non-fiction, especially humor and biography.

Every time I go to the Georgetown library I visit the second hand book section with my list in hand. Every time I'm thrilled when I find something from my list. I'm stacking them up ready for the island. This fulfills my mission in so many satisfying ways. Cheap!!!! Light to pack!!!! I will have books to read!!!

I still have room for more. Share with me what you would pack to take to your deserted island. Thanks.


Pat Langley said...

Even though I love the "feel" of a book, I have learned to love my Kindle because of its convenience.
I load up on the free books. Is that a possibility?

ellie said...

Pat, I haven't been able to cuddle up with a Kindle, yet. But I might have to try.