Friday, June 14, 2013


I've spent a lifetime gathering stuff. I love my stuff. So it is with no small surprise that I find myself emotionally ready to get rid of my stuff.

In the process of de-stuffing, I'm just at the beginning. I start in my sewing room. The place in the house that is all mine and not shared space. My realistic side realises that when it comes to shared things my husband and I are going to be engaging in some serious negotiation as to what goes. I say "everything." I hear his "but...."

In the workroom I'm the dictator. I created not only a functional sewing room, small business office and a shipping center; but I filled it with inspirational pictures and objects. Ahh, I am attached to these.

I find myself fondling a small viking figure picked up in Denmark. What a fun trip with family and friends. It reminds me of the wonders I've seen.

I smile at a figurine called Thelma which is my guardian angel. She was an aunt who died too young. When I look at her I'm reminded of family silliness and fun in Virginia.

Another souvenir is my Russian doll with the exquisitely painted face. Her patterned clothes with mixed colors marked the birth of Annarella Girl and my fascination with textiles.

And above her the Brian Andreas piece I've had for 15 years which encourages me to dream, work, do.

The saying has always been for me and about me. Now as I let it go, I hope it can inspire the dreams of another.

Family memories, like this picture of my daughter and oldest son one Christmas. What joy!!!

 In main all remind me of people I love, places I've been, thoughts that are inspiring. It's very personal. It will not be the same to anyone else.  I can only hope that some like the Brian Andreas piece find someone else to remind to fly with dreams. Some things may find a home with family. I'm thinking Thelma really needs to go to watch over one of her daughters .

and finally I might take my little viking back to the sea. He's so small he won't take much space and maybe he's ready for retirement overlooking the sparkling blue Carribbean sea.

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