Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Different View

Since we've made THE BIG DECISION, I find I'm looking at all my stuff differently. I open a drawer, and I see it as a space to be cleaned out. A closet becomes a sorting opportunity. Not that I've really been so efficient as to get to all the nooks and crannies, but I have been mentally making a list. Where to start? What to do?

Most of my time this week is spent getting ready for the Annarella Girl Sewing Room and Craft Sale. (Doesn't that sound grand.) Now as the day, Thursday, approaches I'm at the point where I worry if anyone will come. There is so much stuff I can't believe that it all came out of my workroom. How did it all fit? The variety of fabrics, yarns, trims and craftiness is amazing. I can trace my crafting life from needlework - embroidery to crossstich to free hand crachet, to baby stuff - flannel to softest faux fur burp clothes; purses using upholstery fabrics - I even have a few to sell; finally to Annarella Girl with all the cotton fabrics.

Gathering it all together, touching it for one more time, reminds me how much I've enjoyed my creativity. I joke about it being my mental therapy; but, in truth, working with my hands, the process of visualizing an idea and then crafting it is important to my well being. Although I've never made a scientific study, I suspect everyone needs to exercise his/her creative muscle in order to be happy. Like food and shelter, creation is a human essential. How else can we explain cave paintings?

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