Friday, August 13, 2010


While working on these new headbands, I overheard a movie clip talking about the need to change one's locale to learn to marvel at life again. How lucky I am! There is so much in my life that is marvelous.

As I work a large butterfly flutters around my bushes. This has been a particularly wondeful year for butterflies. From large yellow ones to small speckled ones they flit through the flowers and bushes in my garden. Beauty in motion. Can you help but to smile with delight at the marvel of nature's wonders?

Two days ago we experienced one of the pop-up thunder storms that occur often at the end of a hot, humid day. The power of the rumbling thunder and the sporadic flashes of lightening are another example of nature's glory. Where some fear the random possibilities of strikes, I marvel at the sudden beauty in each bolt of light. And who doesn't love the rainbow at the end of the storm? Ahh, a pot of gold.

I don't have to explore a new region or country to find life's marvels. They are all around me. In what everyday things do you find delight? A baby's toenail? A child's laugh? A dragonfly's wings? The sparkle of water from a sprinkler? So much inspires me to smile. What about you?

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Lisa said...

Oh, this so made me smile!! Such beautiful sentiments - thank you.

(And I agree - I marvel at the biggest things and the tiniest details. Today's included a refreshing reminder of how much I love my kiddos' laughter.)