Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cleaning Up

I've had a few requests from masseuses and other vendors for waiters' aprons. They need pockets for cell phone, pens, order pads, small bottles and a cloth. Then I got to thinking it would be great for mamas to hold wipes, ointments, little toys, burp cloths, etc.

So this week I've been fooling around with some. Here are the results. Of course, I had to put the Annarella spin on them with some bright fabrics and ribbon. Pocket is generous and divided for all the bits the wearers need handy. Ribbon tie is long enough for skinnies to wrap and tie in front which means us, chubbies, can easily tie it in back.

Behind the pink apron you can glimpse a couple aprons for kids. Can use them for dress-up or as mommy's helper. They are very washable so they would come in handy for the kitchen, too.

It's been fun to fool around with these. Let me know what you think. (I'm so sucky at pics, I'm never sure how much you can decipher in my photos.)


Emily said...

Finally something I can wear!! I would love to wear these in the kitchen! How soon will these be available??


Suzanne said...

Why not market them as artist aprons? To hold things when you're standing up making art, like painting a mural, working at an easel.

ellie said...

Great idea Suzanne. Does it need a narrow divide for skinny, tall things?

And Emily, as soon as I'm back. And I now have a ring of fabric samples to choose from.