Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fingers Crossed

Hope, hope, hope my computer is whole again! For 2 weeks I've been limping along with limited internet access, but thanks to my smart, handsome, talented oldest son and tech supporter I think I'm back. Along the way I've managed to keep up with this blog and most of my email, but everything has taken more time. I haven't been able to view all my blogging friends, so now I look forward to keeping up with you all again. whew, I am happy, happy happy!

Look for me this weekend at the Peddler Show in Corpus Christie. Log onto the website and get times and directions. This is my first trip to southwest Texas. I hear the people are warm and welcoming. All my fellow exhibitors talk with much anticipation about how much they enjoy this show. So I hope I'll have a great time making new friends and customers!!! I'm taking lots of dresses, some new rompers, embellished leggings and lots of headbands. I am so excited. Look for me with Mama D's. See you.


Bev said...

glad you are back online, and that is one gorgeous dress!!

Suzanne said...

Please let us know how your show goes.

Isn't it great to have a teenager who can help you with the computer? I consult my son all the time, and just recently I consulted his friend who is a web designer extraordinaire.