Monday, August 23, 2010


First day of school in my neck of the woods. The youngest grandchild starts kindegarten. Where has the time flown? I can't wait to hear how his day and that of his big brother, 2nd grade, and big sis, 5th grade, go.

I learned a few lessons this weekend in Corpus Christi. And not easy ones. I went expecting a big successful and slunk out with a huge failure. Luckily being with Mama Ds I could review it all with Jennifer D. So by the arrival home I'd decided quitting was not the answer (and by Sunday afternoon I was ready to just shuck it all.). But I think I have it in perspective now. A big thanks to Jennifer D.

Why such a dismal show for me? Mama Ds had lots of sales even though her sales were off about 1/3 from last year. It felt like the slow economy had finally hit there. That are depends on tourism and the oil industry. While not subject to oil on the beaches the Gulf oil spill has made people stay away from the Gulf shores and workers in the oil business very aware of the fragility of their incomes. So all the customers were very cautious with their purchases and orders.

Children, children children, bless their hearts. Shopping is hard on them. We had quite a few falling apart in our booth. (And I don't blame them, sometimes shopping makes me want to cry!) This makes it very difficult for the Moms. Impossible to make a choice with a crying toddler pulling at you. Or refusing to try something on. If you were one of these moms, please email or call me. I'll be able to send you pics of what you were looking at.

On the plus side I met some great people. Got lots of positive comments. And some very good suggestions which I'll be looking into this week. Oh well, in this business you never know what to expect. Good show, bad show. So I'm not quitting. Gonna try to learn as much as possible from this to improve my business and move on.

PS. If you want to send me some love and encouragement, itwould be a welcomed hug.


Emily said...

Ellie, you are doing a fabulous job!! As we all know, like the waves of that Corpus Christi ocean, business is up and down and all around. Keep it up! I think of you and your creations often and I hope that I have a little girl in my life soon. Everyone is having little boys! I don't think their parents will appreciate me buying them dresses. :-/ Anyway, I love all of your work and I can't wait to see what's next!

ellie said...

Thanks for the lift.

susan said...

hugs and kisses, my friend. you don't know how to succeed til you try. and if you don't try you'll always wonder. take the hits and misses. you are outrageously talented and creative. you have that drive to succeed. don't give into the fear. choose the love baby!

Suzanne said...

Yes, I can see you have a dilemma with the product you sell: the kids can get crazy and distract mom from shopping, but you need the kids there to try things on. Have you ever done a home sale? I did an open house at my home. I sold my jewelry, and I had 3 other artists selling their wares. We advertised it as a Mom's Night Out, and we got no kids, and sold a ton. Perhaps you could do something like that, attracting all your local friends, who could just easily return things if they get home and find it doesn't fit. Good luck.