Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Things

What I like about spring....

Flowers - Each year I eagerly await the first bluebonnet sighting. I find them in the gullies, yards and along the highway. The white tops on the brilliant blue make me smile. And that's only the beginning. For the next month Central Texans will be treated to purple, yellow, pink and white in fields and roadside. In the area visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center for brilliant displays of our native wildflowers.
Flowering Trees - Much like the spring flowers, I love the trees. This year the ornamental Japanese cherry trees are brilliant. Although I love living in the South, I do miss the dogwoods. One house my family lived in for a short time in Arden, Delaware, had over 30 mature dogwoods. When they bloomed each spring, the sight was spectacular. (On the other hand, I don't miss the autumn when the leaves fall!)
Spring Green - I posted about this special color just a few days ago, so you all know about my love affair with this hue.
Black Jellybeans - Sure, you can get them all year now, but I lust after them in the spring. Obviously a hankering developed from many Easter Baskets in my youth. Jelly Bellies are the best!!!
Devilled Eggs - The first ones done from the leftover Easter Egg hunt are the best. Mayonaise, yellow mustard and a hint of vinegar. Simple but tasty. (I only eat the yellows. I'm always on the outlook for someone who only wants the whites.)
No More Heavy Coats - Don't you feel like you'vr lost 5 pounds when you don't have to wear that winter coat? Bring on the short sleeves, sundresses and flip flops. Time to enjoy bright colors and flowery prints. Yeah!!!
Sitting on the Porch - Can't beat hanging out on the back porch watching birds while soaking up some sun. A great place to take a short break from sewing. It reenergizes me.
So what do you like about spring?

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