Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I Do What I Do

As I toil away sewing, cutting and gluing I'm thinking about why I'm doing it. The Wilmington Flower Market, May 6-8, is one of my biggest shows for the year. It attracts a huge audience, rain or shine. And it is near and dear to my heart. Many of you ask why I go so far for this event.

After a married lifetime of moving from Alabama to Massachusetts and parts in between, my parents settled in Claymont, Delaware when I was starting 8th grade. This is where they remained until death. (4 of their 5 children moved away as they reached adulthood.) My mother and father loved Northern Delaware. When they retired they didn't want to move to warmer climes. They sunk their roots in deep and strong.

Following their working lives, they turned to volunteering believing in giving to their community. Dad's efforts went into education, The Academy of Life Long Learning and libraries. Mother supported many of the children's charities and spent many hours giving sibling care for the patients of A.I. Dupont Hospital. Doing these things made them happy and fulfilled.

The Flower Market supports many local organization which are devoted to children. Part of my proceeds will go into the pot to be divided among so many deserving charities. And I do it all in the spirit of my parents. They provided a loving, secure home for me. Unselfishly they devoted their talents and passions to many local non-profit groups. I feel they payed it forward to me. So I take my talents to the Flower Market and know that whatever money I make will be put to work to make life better for kids.

That's why I attend the Wilmington Flower Market. I hope to see some of you there!

May 6,7,8 at Rockford Park. See their website for info and directions.

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