Friday, April 16, 2010

Sew, sew, sew

All work makes me crazy! I'm beginning to talk to myself. Okay, it's worse than that. I'm beginning to argue with myself. "OMG I sold 2 dresses yesterday. I can't do that I won't have enough inventory for Wilmington Flower Market." " OMG what if I don't sell anything, what will I do with all those girls clothes." Craaaaazy!

Bestill my voices. Sew now I'm playing mind games with myself. I'm not giving the game away; but when you catch on to my game, join in. A bit cryptic - that's me, a mystery woman. LOL.

Have a great weekend. Maybe I'll post tomorrow, maybe not. Depends on which voice is here.
Red Poppy Fest April 24-25
Wilmington Flower Market May 6-8


Maryjean said...

will you be taking some of your new rompers to the Wilmington flower show? I LOVE the rompers and the bright spring colors!! can't wait to see you in May.

ellie said...

I have several rompers in size 6-12 and 12-18 that will be with me in Wilmington. Glad to hear you like them. I'm so excited to be coming back to the Flower Market. I look forward to seeing you!!