Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Detour

As the Red Poppy Fest and the Wilmington Flower Market fast approach, I've got my head down to just sew, sew and sew.That's my plan. As much inventory as possible. Well, plans do get interrupted.

Yesterday, late afternoon my husband calls out from the living room where he has been watching a baseball game. This is a bit odd since he knows not to interrupt me, but there is that certain tone which makes me pay attention. Nothing else except "come here." So I do, only to find him standing and gripping the back of the sofa in a stiff posture. "What's weong?" I ask. He is frozen in place and experiencing a lot of pain. Uh, oh! I mention Emergency Room, and he doesn't argue. Double uh, oh!! I alert Jeff, our oldest son, who, by the way, owes us lots of ER time back that he amassed as a toddler and child. (stitches and stomach pumps.). Then we go about the business of getting into car and to local ER.

The bad news is that he is having a muscle spasm in his back. The good news is that the pain medication seems to be working. Don't know what the orthopedic doc will say, but it seems as if I've lost my best helper for packing car and setting up. And the long drive to Wilmington, DE could be somewhat longer as we have to stop and stretch more frequently. We'll wait and see how fast he gets mobile. Keep your fingers crossed that he is ready for the road trip and off pain meds soon.

Time spent in the ER was minimal - 2 1/2 hours. Most time was trying to find a pharmacy still open. Who knew they all close early on Sat? It was 8:00 when we started looking. I've never considered that to be late, but I guess people don't need medication on Sat night. Or any medication other than alcohol. But we found one, got food and meds and returned home. Now he sleeps like a baby and enjoys enforced inactivity. Oh darn, he has to watch TV all day and night. That's a lot of baseball. And I return to my sewing room counting the hours I have left against the tasks I want to get done.

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