Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Real Life

My close friends know my deep, dark secret...I am a reality show junkie. Before you turn away in distain, learn my perameters. I don't watch shows that make fun of or are mean to people. I don't watch shows that celebrate ignorance, brattiness or bullying. The shows I love are informational or encouraging. Yeah, I rationalize my addiction.

My new fav is "American Pickers" on the History Channel. It follows Mike Wolf and Frank Fritz as they scour the country looking for junk. The characters they meet are fascinating. The junk they pick is varied. They possess an encyclopedic knowledge of stuff. They call their business Antique Archeaology." If you haven't watched them, check in to see them, Monday and Tuesday 8 cdt. It's a mix between "Antiques Roadshow" and the old Charles Kuralt "On the Road with...." Mike and Frank are out to make a buck, but clearly they enjoy the people they meet. As they scale piles of rusting cars, explore stuffed outbuildings they are like kids in a candy store - wide eyed, curious and yearning.

Picking is a dream job. Ranks right up there with Lego designer and builder. If only I were younger.... Maybe some of my grandchildren will find some of these dream jobs. I never knew you could make a living picking through junk. Oldest son loved/s trash. He also possesses an agile and curious mind. I think I've found his second job to retire into. Then I can live it vicariously. Ah, "real" life!

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