Friday, March 26, 2010

Beauty Reigns

I just completed a special order for 2 sisters who will be in a local beauty pageant tomorrow.(I know its very close to the wire but I made it!) The theme of the pageant is the red poppy. Georgetown is the red poppy capital of Texas. A native son brought back some seeds from Flanders Fields when he returned from WWI. Ever since we've been very proud of our red poppies. There aren't large fields of them, but many of the small parks and bungalows in our downtown have glorious stands of poppies.

The dresses pay homage to the red poppies and all the veterans who have served our country. Aren't they adorable. Picture them worn with a cowboy hat decorated with poppies and cowboy boots. I hope to get some pictures of the girls to post nevt week.


jujusu said...

Ellie, you are a amazing!! I know I asked you only a couple days ago to help me with this special occasion for my girls,and you with no hesitation offered to help!You have absolutely impressed and shocked me with your natural talent and skills. To see the finished product before promised and expected, I could just cry! I know these dresses will also make grandpa & their uncle want to cry too. You have done a wonderful job and your positive outlook on the situation has helped calm my nerves! I THANK YOU with all my heart for your special touch! These dresses will be forever remembered!! I will send pictures ASAP. Thanks again for making this happen! Hope to get many more beautiful creations from you in the future!

ellie said...

Awww! your praise makes me warm all over.