Friday, June 26, 2009

Popsicle Stripes Beat the Heat

We are having a heat wave!! Days of 100+ are here and wearing everybody down. It got me to thinking about ways to beat the heat.
I just posted this dress on etsy. With its loose fit and soft white eyelet body it is cool and comfortable for a baby to wear. The colors in the ruffle and bodice remind me of the popsicles all kids love to eat in the hot summer. So I call this popsicle stripes. Sweet and cool. (This is one of a kind since it is the last of this white eyelet which is particularly soft.)

My favorites were grape and lime. And look what popsicle has become. They call this a Big Stick Lifesaver Pop. It incorporates all the popular flavors. They've developed slow melt sticks and bars. Although on days like today I bet they will still drip off our elbows.

Check out their website for their latest products and some fun ideas for games.

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